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Why Join IAPPE.

  1. Enhanced Benefits: Union membership offers improved healthcare, retirement plans, job security, and fair wages through collective bargaining for better working conditions and employee benefits.

  2. Legal Protection: Unions provide legal guidance, support, and representation to ensure members' rights are upheld and workplace issues are addressed effectively.

  3. Collective Advocacy: Joining a union means contributing to a united voice that champions employee rights, fair treatment, and better work conditions, driving policy change and inclusivity

  4. Professional Growth: Unions offer development opportunities and training, fostering skill enhancement, knowledge expansion, and potential career progress within the organization.

"With all their faults, trade unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. They have done more for decency, for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race, for the developing of character in men, than any other association of men."

- Clarence Darrow

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Empowerment, Advocacy

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